Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling

Our RC fleet consists of modern, deep- hole Schramm T685 Rigs. 

These drilling rigs are suitable for exploration drilling activities across multiple locations in Western Australia.

  • Total Drill Depth: 700 metres
  • Rig Carrier: Modern 8×8 MAN and Mercedes
  • On board Air: 1150/500
  • Auxiliary Air: 2000/900
  • Rod handling:KL Rod Handlers
  • Make and Break: Metzke/ Corpraal Hands Free
  • Rod size: 114.3mm (4.5 inch )
  • Bit size: 114mm-139mm (4.5 inch – 5.5/8 inch)
  • Support Equipment: Modern Fleet Of Man And Mercedes 8×8 Trucks 
  • Dust Suppression: Yes
  • Sampling system: Dual Box Cyclone And Cone Splitters