Drilling Solutions

Raglan Drilling’s fleet of 21 drill rigs are powerful, precise and can withstand even the toughest of operating environments. Our fleet is maintained by a highly qualified and experienced team who take their work seriously in terms of safety and reliability.

Our drill rigs undergo a comprehensive inspection prior to being mobilised to site and when they return to the yard. They are regularly maintained to prevent potential safety hazards and to ensure productivity for the next job.

At Raglan Drilling, we are constantly reviewing and improving our processes, fleet of rigs and support equipment. Improvement and innovation are in our DNA so much so that our Kalgoorlie Workshop will be included in our ISO 45001 Safety and 14001 Environmental Accreditation in 2022.

Importantly for our clients, Raglan Drilling has in-house heavy haulage capability to deliver rigs to client sites efficiently and safely. We undergo Heavy Haulage Accreditation Audits annually in accordance with Main Roads requirements.