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The Safety and Health of our employees is as important
to us as profitability and production

We are raglan Drilling & we care about

Health & Safety

Raglan Drilling believes that achieving the right health safety and environmental outcomes depends upon our commitment, our people and our systems. To help us achieve the right outcomes we have developed our HSET Management System to align with ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. The plans, procedures and training we give our people enable us demonstrate our commitment to always achieving positive safety outcomes and environmental care

We also believe the development of our people is as important as our commercial business objectives. To this end we encourage all of our people to undertake the available training programs with the view that they will achieve nationally recognized qualifications in their field of work.

We aim strive to achieve a high level of HSE awareness and through that build a strong culture, in which all our personnel choose to contribute to their own safety, the safety of others and the minimization of unplanned harm of the environment. This requires all of our personnel to maintain a high personal commitment to positive HSE outcomes at all times. We know that awareness of the HSE issues of our work and a strong positive culture are important factors in ensuring that all of our activities are completed safely, timely and productively with minimum impact on the environment.


Our Unique & Reliable

Raglan Drillings services include: air core/RAB, reverse circulation, diamond and auger drilling. We have dedicated diamond and RC rigs, multi-purpose rigs, track mounted (salt lake and difficult terrain) and truck mounted rigs, a committed management team with a depth of experience to complete the job to our clients requirements. We also use low impact mud solutions for better environmental outcomes. Our comprehensive integrated management system ensures your project is achieved safely, efficiently and with care for the environment.

RC Drilling

  • RC drilling to 800m
  • Down hole surveying
  • Large booster, 1000psi / 2800cfm
  • Automated dust suppression
  • Remote accommodation facilities

Diamond Drilling

  • HQ, NQ and PQ sized drill bits
  • Diamond drilling to 1800m
  • Downhole installations (monitoring bores, piezometers, packer testing etc)
  • Directional and controlled drilling
  • Geotechnical coring PQ, HQ and NQ sizes

Air Core/RAB Drilling

  • Drilling to 200 meters
  • Blade and hammer capability
  • Small footprint, low impact
  • Cost effective first pass drilling

Auger Drilling

  • Drilling to 40 meters
  • Landcruiser mounted
  • Small foot print
  • Cost effective first pass drilling

Salt Lake Drilling

  • 3 x Brand new Argo Conquests for People moving
  • 6 x Low PSI interchangeable track carriers for hauling water, fuel , Auxiliary Air packages across Lake terranes

Remote Camping

  • Raglan Drilling has the capability to supply a complete remote camp set up with either Explorex type caravans or transportable builidings


meet our current
fleet of rigs

Raglan Drilling is constantly reviewing and improving its fleet of rigs and support equipment. Improvement and innovation is in our DNA. We love a challenge so if you have a difficult site to get a rig into ask us and we will find a way to do and do it safely. For example many of our rigs can be changed over from truck based to tracked based in hours enabling us to provide a faster service to you in those difficult salt lake exploration areas.
After every drill program our rigs come in for a full check over to make sure everything is in good condition for you our next client. We have a highly qualified workshop team who provide both workshop and field based support for our rigs.

Safety and environment

Raglan Drilling is aligned and certified with the current ISO 45001 and ISO 14001