Our People

RAGLAN DRILLING includes specialist team with many years of industry experience.  Our team includes operations managers, drillers, offsiders, yard supervisors and administrative support. 

Our people are highly competent and capable because we strive to continually train our team as a matter of priority. This is something that we are very proud of.

Hugh Lacey, Director

Hugh has over 10 years drilling experience ranging from RAB Air Core to short-hole grade control to 700m RC holes in extremely varied geology.

As a hands-on director Hugh is always with the Rigs and Drillers ensuring that our high standards of safety, production and quality sample delivery are maintained.

Gus Lacey, Director

Gus has over 7 years of drilling experience with RC and RAB and Air Core, originally starting out in Mining as a geologist (KCGM).

He has had experience with running resource definition programs, grade control drilling, grade control modeling and ore extraction. Gus has seen drilling from both sides of the industry. He understands issues relating to poor sample recovery and the effects it can have on Resource Estimation, head grade, block model calculations and dilution which are key factors which are emphasized to each driller and individual offsider at Raglan Drilling.

Cammeron Ellery, Operations Manager

Cammeron is a second generation driller and with over 20 years of drilling experience.  He is a valuable member of the Raglan's team.

Before commencing with Raglan, Cammeron spent 9 years managing a drilling company, which has given him an excellent ability to manage Raglan Drilling’s team.

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